Dave Sharamitaro joins our team

Pullman Ermator is excited to welcome Dave Sharamitaro to our sales team as Midwest Sales Rep. Dave comes to Pullman Ermator with over a decade of experience in the decorative concrete industry. He has handled Upper Midwest sales territories for top brands including Rafco Brickform, Diamatic, and Elite Crete. Previous to that he worked for many years in the world of SSPC and PDCA, selling and servicing abrasive blasting, painting, power washing and other small equipment. His experience and knowledge should be a great benefit in woringk with our distributors in the Midwest territory.

Interview with Lyndon Kelsey

CPWR Study: Research Supports Need, Effectiveness, and Improvements for Engineering Controls

Dust exposure reduced while tuckpointing

The Challenge

Grinding or cutting out mortar between bricks or blocks during tuckpointing operations generates clouds of dust. The amount of silica in this dust may be hundreds of times higher than legal or recommended limits. Construction workers who breathe dust containing silica are at risk for serious diseases such as silicosis, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other diseases associated with silica exposure. Portable local exhaust ventilation (LEV) that draws the hazardous dust away from the worker’s breathing zone and does not interfere with the work can significantly reduce the health risk.

The Response

A research team, led by CPWR’s Exposure Assessment Program Director, Pam Susi, evaluated the effectiveness of several commercially available LEV systems and identified ways to promote use of these systems to reduce silica exposure during tuckpointing operations. The team, which consisted of industrial hygienists and a social science researcher, engaged workers, contractors, manufacturers, OSHA, and NIOSH in selecting the equipment to test, carrying out the evaluation, analyzing the results, and developing strategies to increase the use of LEV. The following four LEV systems were evaluated using a standardized protocol of repeat, randomized trials with and without LEV:

  • Metabo grinder (model WE14-125 Plus), Dustcontrol 2900C vacuum, and Dust Director shroud;
  • Bosch grinder (model 1775E), Dustcontrol 2900C vacuum, and Dust Director shroud;
  • Bosch grinders (models 1775E and AG40-85), Ermator S26 vacuum, and two Dust Director shrouds (note: this LEV system allowed two workers to use one vacuum simultaneously); and
  • Hilti grinder (model DAG-500), Hilti VC 40-U vacuum, and Hilti DC-EX shroud (note: this was the only system evaluated with all components from a single manufacturer).

The Results

The researchers found that just four hours of continuous grinding can produce roughly 100 pounds of dust. Uncontrolled, this dust is in the air breathed by the worker performing the task, those working nearby, and other bystanders (including the public).

Grinding out mortar joints without LEV to control the dust resulted in exposures on average between 127 and 220 times the NIOSH Recommended Exposure Limit (REL) of 50 μg/m3. When two grinders were used in close proximity, the exposures averaged 690 times the REL.

When the LEV systems were used, the researchers found that silica exposures were reduced by more than 95% in each case and exposures were reduced significantly to between 1.8 and 7.5 times the REL on average. When two grinders were used simultaneously, attached to the same LEV system, the exposures were reduced to an average of 16.5 times the REL. (Note: All results were based on the time sampled and not on 8-hour time weighted averages.)

The evaluation performed with the Ermator S26 vacuum prompted the manufacturer to design, patent, and manufacture a new Dust Hood (shroud) for use with their S26 (two operators) or S13 (one operator) vacuums.

Collaboration among project researchers, stakeholders, equipment manufacturers, and other CPWR researchers was key to documenting exposure levels during tuckpointing operations with and without use of engineering controls, and raising awareness of the importance of using LEV to reduce workers’ risk for exposure to silica dust. The research findings led to the development of a new equipment option for controlling silica exposures during this high-exposure activity, and were used to encourage new policies to promote LEV use in construction.

Design: A major dust control manufacturer developed and patented a new dust hood for use with angle grinders.

Specifications: In February 2014, the Philadelphia School District adopted model silica specifications developed by CPWR and NIOSH for masonry grinding, cutting, and sawing. Contracts for capital improvement projects for schools city-wide now require use of engineering and/or work-practice or administrative controls.

Municipal Guidelines: Information provided by CPWR researchers and Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 1 PA/DE prompted the city of Philadelphia to publish dust control guidance for construction, renovation, and demolition work.

The model specifications, an example of how the Philadelphia School District has used the language, and the dust control guidance document can be found on the Work Safely with Silica website ( – click on Regulations & Requirements – Other).

The results of the exposure monitoring were included in brief technical summaries and detailed reports shared with the Masonry r2p Partnership and the CPWR-NIOSH Engineering Controls Work Group, and posted on 

What made it a success?

The research team’s inclusion of workers, contractors, manufacturers, and government agencies raised awareness of the challenge and importance of using engineering controls to reduce exposures during this high-risk operation.

Steps that led to success included:

  • Involvement of stakeholders in the selection of LEV systems to test.
  • Direct communication between manufacturers, LEV users, and researchers, which led to the exchange of information on how controls impact work and exposure levels.
  • Industrial hygiene evaluations, which delivered measurable performance data that end-users could use to select, and manufacturers could use to improve, available technologies.
  • Documentation of the exposure levels with and without controls that provided policy makers with the evidence needed to encourage the use of engineering controls, implement new requirements, and rewrite local policies.

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©2014, CPWR – The Center for Construction Research and Training. CPWR, the research and training arm of the Building and Construction Trades Dept., AFL-CIO, is uniquely situated to serve construction workers, contractors, and the scientific community. This card was made possible by a cooperative agreement with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, NIOSH (OH009762). The contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of NIOSH.


Ermator USA announces new hires and promotions

Ermator USA, the US arm of Swedish dust-extractor and industrial vacuum manufacturer Pullman-Ermator, announces new hires and promotions.

Matt Herz has been hired as sales rep for the Western territory. He began work July 1.

Matt comes to Ermator from HTC, where he worked eight years in sales. Prior to HTC, he worked a number of years at AirGas. In both companies he gained experience with products used in Abatement and Restoration. 

“We are happy to have Matt on board”, stated Fredrik Akermark, Vice President for Sales and Marketing. “He brings a lot of knowledge and experience to the job”.

Matt joins a sales team that includes Nick Fox (Midwest), Tim English (Northeast territory), David Stroud (Southeast territory), Lyndon Kelsey (National Sales Manager) and Fredrik Akermark.

Lyndon Kelsey has been promoted to become the new National Sales Manager for Ermator USA, from his previous position as sales representative for the Western territory. Lyndon has been a sales representative for Ermator since 2011, working out of California. From November 1, he will move to Ermator’s US headquarters in Tampa, Florida to head the North American sales team.

“Lyndon has done a fantastic job for Ermator. He has developed our sales and market share tremendously during his years with us, and has been a huge part of our marketing and our business strategy”, according to Akermark. “It feels great to be able to offer Lyndon this position”.

Lyndon will coach and support Ermator’s sales team; Nick Fox, Tim English, David Stroud and Matt Herz, as well as supporting the distributor network.

Fredrik Akermark, after 6 years heading US sales,will return to his previous position of heading all International Sales. He will, however, continue to work closely with Lyndon in the US.

For more information about Ermator, visit the website at

Pullman-Ermator’s new dust shrouds and dust hoods reduce silica exposure to help meet OSHA requirements

After a rigorous evaluation funded by the NIOSH Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Pullman-Ermator’s dust hoods and shrouds were shown to reduce silica dust exposure dramatically making it easier to comply with OSHA’s proposed limits.

In recent years, the concrete industry has seen an increased emphasis on concrete dust suppression and containment, both for worker safety and job-site cleanliness. OSHA established a Permissible Exposure Limit, (PEL), which is the maximum amount of crystalline silica to which workers may be exposed during an 8-hour work shift (29 CFR 1926.55, 1910.1000. When silica exposure cannot be totally eliminated, OSHA suggests methods in controlling silica exposure when grinding, cutting and coring, by keeping silica dust out of the air through mechanical means such as vacuums and shrouds.

On June 19-20 2013, the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR), as part of a NIOSH funded research project, evaluated the performance of Pullman-Ermator S26 HEPA Dust Extractors connected to two hand grinders with metal shrouds, while grinding out masonry mortar joints. This test was carried out as part of an ongoing project aimed at identifying and evaluating effective Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems for reducing silica exposure during masonry restoration/tuck pointing work. The test showed that the use of the LEV system reduced exposure by approximately 98%, representing a 43-fold reduction.

Even though this was a great reduction in exposure, further testing and improved equipment design were still required to collect the maximum amount of dust.

Existing shrouds could not grab the plume of dust created when a grinder first starts cutting, requiring the vacuum to achieve a higher cubic feet/minute (CFM). To correct the issues revealed in the first test, Pullman-Ermator developed a new hood. Subsequent tests performed by the CPWR in May of 2014 proved the new design to be a great success. When used with Pullman-Ermator’s S13 with a single operator, or the S26 with two operators, dust exposure was reduced an additional three times compared to the first test. The tests demonstrated that proper use of the dust hood and vacuum, along with wearing safety equipment, could reduce silica exposure below the current PEL and the new proposed limits.

Removing old mortar with a hand grinder creates a tremendous amount of dust; one operator can create over 150 pounds of dust in an 8-hour period.

Since much masonry work performed on scaffolding, dust can spread over a large area. Collecting the dust before it settles on the ground, parked cars, and businesses near the jobsite saves time and increases productivity. It also reduces complaints from passing pedestrians, and from fellow workers when dust produced by one blows into the other’s work zone.

While the CPWR tests were performed specifically on mortar grinding, the results are equally valid for other industries where a large amount of silica dust is created using hand tools, including joint cutting and clean out, hand grinding, coating removal and sidewalk restoration.

Pullman-Ermator knows that silica dust is extremely harmful and needs to be captured, and developed dust collection systems that incorporate HEPA dust extractors and a patented dust hood.

Pullman-Ermator’s new, patented (232323) Dust Hood was the missing key to controlling dust on job sites during tuck-pointing. Its ergonomic design propels dust into the shaft. The dust is then is carried away by the vacuum. Replaceable brushes stop the dust “plume” from escaping with the initial cut into wall or joint. It can also be used with five-inch and seven-inch hand grinders, making it ideal for crack chasing, joint cutting and clean out. With its easy “flip up and remove” cover, different blades can be installed quickly without the need to remove the cover completely.

Pullman-Ermator has also developed high efficiency shrouds for floor grinding and coating removal. These five-inch and seven-inch universal fitting shrouds are a necessity for effective dust containment when attached to the proper vacuums. When used with Pullman-Ermator HEPA vacuums, the new five inch and seven inch “Point of Origin” dust shrouds meet EPA RRP requirements. They are adjustable to install easily on most grinders, and the lip can flip up for edge work. The complete kit includes nuts and washers for universal installation, and center rings to install on most grinders. The shrouds capture 99% of airborne dust when used with a proper vacuum, and are made with durable PVC for long life.  The 7″ shroud also has a reinforcing metal ring.

The Pullman-Ermator BOOT is a simple solution for chipping hammers and core dills. It solves the problem of dust escaping at the point of origin. The Boot is attached easily to many brands of tools and has a standard fitting for the vacuum hose. It is made from heavy-duty materials for long life.

As more and more regulations become law, dust control through engineering controls is increasingly important.  Water cannot efficiently control dust production for grinding, cutting and coring. Slurry clean up is messy and costly when running hand tools.

When shrouds and dust hoods are installed, dust control for safety and job cleanliness is an achievable goal. Pullman-Ermator dust control systems increase productivity and save money by eliminating customer complaints and reducing time spent on cleanup. Collecting dust at its point of origin instead of sweeping it up afterward saves both time and money.

For more information call Pullman-Ermator at 1-855-736-2869, or visit the website at


Pullman-Ermator is Growing

Tampa based Pullman-Ermator LLC, subsidiary to Swedish Pullman-Ermator AB is continuing to add to its sales force by hiring Tim English to cover the New York, New Jersey and New England territory.

Tim has been an independent sales representative for Ermator since 2009 and has also working with Pullman-Holt.

“Tim knows the products and the market and we are happy to have Tim on board.  This hire will allow us to focus our attention on our product lines now,” Fredrik Akermark, vice president of Pullman-Ermator stated.

Increased regulation and more awareness of the effects of dust and silica in the workplace have helped increase the demand for Pullman-Ermator products dramatically.

“The acquisition of Pullman-Holt HEPA products and launch of six new Ermator models creates a need for more feet in the field to support and further develop our distributor network, Akermak added.

Tim English has represented many related product lines for many years and is a well-known name in the market. Tim has also worked closely with construction health and safety regulations, especially in New York.

Tim will officially start February 1st but will work the Ermator booth at World of Concrete in Las Vegas January 21st to 24th.


Six New Vacuum Models from Ermator

Pullman-Ermator, the Swedish dust extractor maker, is increasing its presence in the US concrete and dust cleanup market by introducing six new vacuum machines at the World of Concrete in January 2014.

The company’s American subsidiary, Ermator USA will offer four new three-phase vacuums, a new slurry vacuum and a propane vacuum at the Las Vegas trade show.

“We’ve been developing these new models for three years so we are really excited to start selling them now”, commented Fredrik Akermark, Ermator’s Vice-President for Sales and Marketing.

Ermator’s two best selling three-phase vacuum cleaners, the T7500 and T8600, will remain in Ermator’s product portfolio, but the T12600 will be replaced by two new models – the T15000 (230V 3-phase) and the T18000 (480V 3-phase).

The T12600 was often used with the largest grinders and scabblers. Because these machines often need even more suction power than the T12600 could provide, the T18000 was designed with 710 CFM and 140 inches of water lift. The T15000 will meet the demand for high powered 230 volt machines.

The T10000 is a brand new vacuum. Ermator developed this model around a newly designed motor and side blower fan. It will be sold in 480 volt only, with features including a pre-separator connection on the chassis, a manometer and a new pre-filter assembly design. 470 CFM and 120” water lift secure high performance with large grinders, scarifiers and scabblers.

“We believe the T10000 will be Ermator’s new flagship product for the concrete surface prep industry. The size, weight, new features and performance will make it very attractive to contractors. T10000 is also a perfect central vacuum system for larger construction jobs.” Akermark said.

The prototype of the T8600 propane has been displayed at the last two World of Concrete shows, and it has been available to order since October this year. Ermator sees the upcoming WOC show as a great opportunity to further increase the sales of the T8600, which has already been extremely well accepted in the market.

“Sales of the T8600 propane have greatly exceeded our expectations. It is satisfying to see repeat orders from customers. We knew this market needed a good propane vacuum but we did not expect this high volume of sales so quickly”, Akermark added.

All new vacuum models will include the standard Ermator features:  tested and certified HEPA filters, Jet Pulse filter cleaning, drop-down disposal system and Longopac collecting system.

Ermator’s new vacuums that will be launched at WOC:

  • T4000  - A small 230V, 3-phase vacuum. 280CFM, 125” water lift. Comes with 33’ x 2,5” hose, 25’ x 2” hose, wand and floor tool
  • T10000 – Large 480V, 3-phase vacuum, 470CFM, 120” water lift. Comes with 33’ x 3” hose, 25’ x 2” hose, wand and floor tool
  • T15000 – Large 230V, 3-phase vacuum, 647CFM, 140” water lift. Comes with 3” y-connector, 33’ x 3” hose
  • T18000 – Large 480V, 3-phase vacuum, 710CFM, 140: water lift. Comes with 3” y-connector, 33’ x 3” hose
  • T8600 Propane  – Large 18HP propane vacuum, 410CFM, 115” water lift. Comes with 33’ x 3” hose, 25’ 2” hose, wand and floor tool
  • W70P – Slurry vacuum with pump, 120V, 118CFM, 80 gallon/min pump capacity. Comes with 9’ x 1,5” hose, wand and floor tool.

Visit Ermator at World of Concrete in January, booth S10715 or learn more at

New propane vacuum allows safer concrete grinding without electricity

Ermator, the leading manufacturer of HEPA vacuums for the construction industry, is introducing a new propane vacuum.
The T8600 Propane is build on the same model as the T8600 Dust Extractor, the best selling vacuum for concrete grinding in the world. By combining the performance of the T8600 with a propane-powered engine, Ermator is offering a vacuum that can keep up with every model and brand of propane grinder and saw on the market today.

“We have seen the market growing for propane grinders, but until now there weren’t propane vacuums that could keep up with any of these grinders”, according to Fredrik Akermark, VP for Marketing of Ermator. “We see a great potential for this product, not only for use with grinders but also with saws used for road work”.

The T8600 Propane has an 18HP Kawasaki motor made by American Onyx, with a direct-driven turbine. It provides 410CFM and 115” of water lift. “By combining this high powered, high quality motor with all the standard features from our electric-powered vacuums, we are bringing an amazing product to the market”, Akermark continued.
All Ermator dust extractors include standard features that protect workers from hazardous dust and keep the environment clean:

• Individually tested and certified HEPA filters
• Coated polyester pre-filter socks
• Drop-down disposal system
• Longopac® collection system
• JetPulse® filter cleaning

Preorders for the T8600 Propane started in March of this year, and orders are coming in constantly. “We will need a couple of months to fulfill these orders before we will be able to accumulate any stock”, according to Akermark.

For more information about the T8600 Propane and other Ermator products, visit the Ermator website at or call 813- 855-736-2869.

Ermator USA Experiences Growth, Expands Sales Team

Ermator USA has experienced significant growth in the past year. In order to keep up with the rapidly increasing demand for Ermator dust extractors and expanding customer base, Ermator USA has added a new sales rep.

Ermator develops, manufactures and markets Hepa Vacuums, Hepa Extractors and Hepa Air Scrubbers for the Construction, Restoration and Abatement Industries. Ermator is the American branch of Sweden-based Pullman-Ermator, one of the largest construction vacuum manufacturers in the world. Pullman-Ermator products are sold in 26 countries. The US head office is based in Tampa, FL.

Nick Fox, previously Marketing Director at STI Prepmaster, was hired July 1 to serve as the representative for Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. In addition to servicing current customers, he will visit contractors in the region to increase awareness of the Ermator product lines and to demonstrate their use.

“Nick was an ideal candidate for the position,” according to Fredrik Akermark, Vice President for Sales and Marketing at Ermator USA. “His experience at STI Prepmaster has given him an excellent understanding of the needs of contractors in the surface preparation industry.” Nick has added to his extensive knowledge of surface preparation process and products with extensive training at the Ermator USA headquarters in Tampa, Florida.

Prior to becoming Marketing Director at Prepmaster, Nick spent three years in sales there. “As a marketing manager, I missed being on the road and working one-on-one with customers,” added Nick. “I feel like this job was a good fit for me. I already had a good knowledge of the equipment from my work at STI Prepmaster. In fact, I sold several Ermator vacs. It also helps knowing that Ermator makes a quality product; it is always easier to sell a product you believe in.”

Nick joins a sales team that includes Fredrik Akermark , Lyndon Kelsey and David Stroud.

For more information about Ermator’s products, visit or call 813-684-7091

Pullman Ermator AB acquires Pullman-Holt HEPA Business

The Swedish company Pullman Ermator AB, the world’s leading manufacturer of dust extractors and a leading player in the vacuum and air scrubber industries, has acquired Pullman-Holt’s HEPA business and models as well as wet and dry vacuums related to the HEPA vacuum models. Along with the product lines, Pullman Ermator has acquired the rights to the trademarked name Pullman-Holt and This Pullman-Holt division will be managed by Pullman Ermator’s US subsidiary, Ermator USA.

“This move will help us expand our presence in the restoration and abatement market,” explained Fredrik Akermark, Vice President of Ermator USA. “Pullman-Holt HEPA vacuums are well-known in the industry.”

Pullman-Holt is a major manufacturer and distributor of commercial floor-care equipment, including HEPA vacuums, wet/dry vacuums, squeegee vacuums, upright vacuums, backpack vacuums, floor machines, burnishers, carpet extractors and automatic scrubbers.

For the past nine years, Pullman-Holt has been owned and controlled by Ron Underwood, who also owns the Canadian companies Michael’s Equipment, Ltd and Advantage Maintenance Products, Ltd. Ron Underwood will continue to sell the remaining Pullman-Holt products to the Jan-San market and will transition to a new brand name.

Pullman-Ermator is a Swedish corporation with operations in Europe and the United States. It manufactures high quality slurry separation products and large vacuums used for concrete dust collection. Some of Ermator’s innovations include the Longopac collection system and jet pulse filter cleaning.

“We will be investing in the Pullman-Holt brand, with continued research and development. We will also be adding several new products”, according to Torbjorn Bengtsson, owner of Pullman-Ermator. “Ermator will be also be supporting the Pullman-Holt brand with directly employed sales reps, who will provide product information and training to distributors and end users.

Ermator USA will be expanding their premises significantly and relocating to the Pullman Holt building complex, on September 1.

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